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What is Electrolysis

Electrolysis is the only treatment approved by the FDA for permanent hair removal.
First invented in 1875, and evolving through the years since.
There are 3 types of electrolysis used today – galvanic, thermolysis or combination of both called the blend. They all work to permanently remove the hair.
I am a certified Electrologist trained in the “blend” method. Certified in 2001 at “The Joyce Blok Professional Beauty Therapy & Electrolysis Institute” New Zealand and  in 2002 certified by “CIDESCO International”.

How does it work

Electrolysis works on the individual hair and can be done on most area’s of the body. The qualified practitioner probes each individual hair follicle with a very fine sterile, disposable needle that sends a very low electrical current down to the root system. This destroys the root (without any damage to the surrounding skin) and eventually the hair stops growing back. There are 3 types of electrolysis and they are all effective at permanently removing hair. I use ‘the blend method’, which is a combination of both galvanic & thermolysis. The feeling of Electrolysis differs from person to person. Most find it tolerable, but if you feel it is too uncomfortable, a numbing cream will be recommended. It does take a few sessions depending on the area of the face, body or individual person, but remember once done, it’s permanent.


Please book in for a free consultation to work out an individual plan for you.

15 Minutes     $ 45
20 Minutes     $ 60
30 Minutes     $ 75
45 Minutes     $ 95
60 Minutes     $115


Before & Aftercare

These are just recommendations….
Avoid caffeine 6 – 10 hours before treatment
Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate.
After the treatment – keep your skin clean and apply a soothing antiseptic.
Avoid vigorous activity for a few hours.
Avoid direct sun exposure for 48 hours after treatment.
All of this will be discussed at your consultation.

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