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Focus Care Skin-Tech + Electro-Sonic DF Mobile



Focus Care Skin-Tech + Electro-Sonic DF Mobile uses low frequency Sonophoresis and Iontophoresis and is intended to temporarily disrupt the Stratum Corneum to improve the penetration of skincare for cosmetic applications. It is intended to be used at home.


Combined with Environ’s cosmetic products, the appearance of specific skin concerns can be targeted using the DF Mobile, resulting in the look of a noticeably improved complexion, texture and radiance.
Innovative handheld skincare technology designed to assist with delivering essential nutrients where skin needs them most, making a lasting difference to your skin.

    • The DF Mobile device can be used with a range of specifically selected Environ products containing optimum levels of Vitamin A and essential active ingredient combinations that maximise the efficacy of Environ Performance Intelligence by providing the nutrients skin needs – where skin needs them – making a lasting difference.
    • DF Mobile stimulates the skin to allow for significantly higher concentrations of active ingredients to be delivered to where they are needed most. The result is improved skin health and wellness, which increases the more you use the device.
    • The device optimises the effect of Environ products on specific skin conditions resulting in a noticeably improved complexion, texture and radiance.

The Ionzyme DF Mobile Machine is not intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or in the cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of disease, and is not intended to affect the form, structure or any function of the living tissue and therefore is not classified as a device under the FD&C Act 179.

    Please speak to an Environ representative/therapist before purchasing any Environ product you are unsure of. Environ products have active ingredients and need to be introduced low and slow as per our “STEP UP SYSTEM”. Environ and/or any Environ representative will not be held responsible for any adverse reaction if Environs protocol is not adhered to. Please reach out if you need any assistance or have any questions.

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